Kylie Cloud's New Friend

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"Kylie, the cloud, was in the sky, looking down at the earth."

"She felt a little gloom because she was alone."

"Then, she saw a beautiful bloom in a garden."

"Kylie decided to drift towards the bloom to get a closer look."

"She let out a soft coo as she admired the beautiful flower."

"Then, she noticed a little girl in the garden, looking up at her."

"Kylie decided to have a little fun and let out a soft hoot."

"The girl looked around, wondering where the sound came from."

"Then, looking up at Kylie, the girl let out a hoot too."

"Kylie let out a booming laugh, happy to have made a new friend."

"The girl laughed too, and began to dance around the garden."

"And so, the gloom lifted, and Kylie spent the day playing with her new friend."

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