Duke Gene's Musical Quest

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"Gene, the duke, sat on a dune."

He did not like to rule.

"But his job was to use his mind for good."

He saw a man act rude.

"Gene told him to be kind, not rude."

"Then he saw a tube with a map."

"He took the tube and saw a tune."

"He had to hum the tune for a clue."

"He sang the tune and a cube did show."

"Gene said, this is a cute cube."

The cube had a flute.

"Gene blew the flute and fume came out."

He saw a mule in the fume.

"Gene, do not puke, said the mule."

"He did not puke, but he did prune a tree."

"The mule was mute but gave a clue."

"Gene found the clue in the dunes."

"It was a fluke, but he found a gem."

"Gene was glad to end the quest."

"He went back to his job to rule, with a new tune."

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