Paul the Cow and His Best Friend Cat

You are working on words with 8. Long Vowel Teams | ai, ay /ā/
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"Paul is a cow who lives on a farm."

"He loves to play in the sun all day."

"One day, Paul found a stray cat."

"He decided to aid the cat and made it his friend."

"Paul and the cat love to play in the hay."

"They would roll and lay in it all day."

One day, it began to rain.

"They had to wait in the barn until the rain stopped."

"After the rain, they saw a rainbow in the sky."

"They decided to go out and play again."

"Paul loved to chase the cat around the farm."

"The cat was quick but Paul was always able to keep up."

"One day, they found a train toy in the barn."

"They decided to play with it all day."

"Paul and the cat became the best of friends."

"They promised to stay together and play every day."

"Paul and the cat had many more fun days on the farm."

"They knew they would always have each other to play with."

"Paul the cow and the cat lived happily on the farm."

"They played together every day, no matter the weather."

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