Sadie the Snake's Desert Discovery

You are working on words with 14. Low Frequency Spelling | ch /sh/, /k/; gn /n/, gh /g/; silent t
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"Sadie the snake lived in a wide, sandy desert."

"Every day, she would slither out of her hole to bask in the sunlight."

"One day, while Sadie was basking, she heard a strange rustle."

"She quickly turned her head and saw a gnat wrestling with a thistle."

"Sadie decided to help. She slithered over to the thistle and gently shook it."

"The gnat was freed and it buzzed away, leaving behind a ghastly echo."

"Sadie felt good about helping the gnat. She decided to explore more."

"She came across a gnome-shaped rock and a castle made of sand."

"Near the castle, she saw a chute in the sand. She decided to investigate."

"Down the chute, she found a hidden underground cave with beautiful orchids."

"Sadie loved the cave and decided to make it her new home."

"She felt the bustle of her old life fade away in the peaceful cave."

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