Ruby's Prehistoric Adventures

You are working on words with 12. Suffixes and Prefixes | pre-, re-
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"Ruby the rabbit loved to pretend she was a prehistoric creature in the field."

"Every day, she prepared for her pretend prehistoric adventures by prewashing her fur."

"She would then relive the stories her mother told about prehistoric times."

"One day, she found a preset path she had never seen before."

"Excited, Ruby decided to explore the path, hoping to rediscover new pretend prehistoric lands."

"At the end of the path, Ruby found a beautiful meadow and decided to rename it 'prehistoric valley'."

"Every day after, Ruby replayed her adventures in her new 'prehistoric valley' and returned home with a big grin."

"Ruby always remembered to prewash her fur after her adventures, ready to relive them the next day."

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