Bolt, Marigold, and the Goldfish: A Tale of Kindness

You are working on words with 6. Ending Spelling Patterns | Long VCC (-ild, -old, -ind, -olt, -ost)
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"Bolt is a wildcat from the grassland."

"One day, Bolt finds a goldfish in a pond."

"Bolt is kind to the goldfish and does not harm it."

"Bolt decides to bring the goldfish to his old friend Marigold."

"Marigold, a child, is happy to see Bolt."

"She told Bolt she has a suitable place for the goldfish."

"Marigold carefully places the goldfish in the bowl."

"Bolt feels a mild joy watching the goldfish swim in its new home."

"Bolt decides to hold a small party for the goldfish."

"Marigold and Bolt promised to take care of the goldfish together."

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