Knowles the Bee and the Honeycomb Rescue

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"Once, on a sunny day, Knowles the bee woke up in his honeycomb."

"Knowles had a knack for finding the sweetest flowers."

"He flew out of his honeycomb, ready for a new day."

"Knowles flew to a flower and began to wriggle in the petals."

"He knew just the right way to get the nectar."

"Satisfied, he flew back to his honeycomb to add to the honey."

"But, oh no! Knowles saw a wrinkle in his plan."

"His honeycomb had a hole, and the honey was dripping out."

"Knowles knew he had to fix it quickly."

"He flew to a nearby tree and found a sticky sap."

"With a thumb-sized lump of sap, he flew back."

"He patched the hole in the honeycomb with the sap."

"Now, his honeycomb was safe and secure again."

"He flew back to the flower, ready to add more honey."

"After a long day, Knowles finally knelt on a petal, tired but happy."

"Knowles knew that he had done well today."

"His honeycomb was safe, and he had plenty of honey."

"Knowles the bee slept well that night, dreaming of more sweet flowers."

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