Audrey's New Branch: A Macaw's Adventure

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"Audrey the macaw woke up at dawn."

"She saw a flaw in her favorite branch."

"Should she stay or move to another branch?" Audrey thought.

"Audrey decided to launch off the branch."

"She flew around the tree, looking for a new branch."

"Finally, she saw a perfect spot and landed with a soft pause."

"She felt a bit sad, but Audrey knew it was for the best."

"She yawned and decided to take a nap."

"As she closed her eyes, she thought, 'A new branch, a new start.'"

"Audrey woke up to the sound of a hawk."

"She saw the hawk flying far away."

"Even though she felt a bit scared, Audrey knew she was safe in her new branch."

"She yawned and went back to sleep, feeling content."

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