Carlos the Shark Tutor: A Harbor Adventure

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"Carlos, the shark, lived in a sunny harbor."

"He was not like other sharks, he was a tutor."

"Every morning, he taught his students about the flavor of different sea plants."

"Carlos was a major factor in their learning journey."

"One day, Carlos met a lost armadillo named Sue at the harbor."

"Sue was far from her home and needed a tutor to help her get back."

"Carlos decided to help Sue, showing her the way using his knowledge of the sea."

"Along the way, they discovered a cellar filled with ancient sea treasures."

"Carlos and Sue found a mysterious mirror in the cellar."

"The mirror showed them the way to Sue's home, just beyond the forest."

"With Carlos as her tutor, Sue felt better and ready for her journey home."

"Carlos said goodbye to Sue, knowing he had made a new friend in the harbor."

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