Rueben's Sourdough Adventure

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"Rueben, the dough, lived in a bakery, although it was always hot and busy."

"He was often kneaded and rolled, but he thought it was fun."

"Rueben liked to watch the other food items being made too."

"He saw how the baker bought fresh ingredients and sought to create delicious treats."

"One day, the baker brought a new recipe. It was for sourdough bread."

"Rueben thought the recipe was interesting, though it seemed a bit complicated."

"He watched as the baker went through the process in a thorough manner."

"Rueben wondered if he too could become a sourdough bread one day."

"Rueben decided he ought to try and make himself into sourdough."

"He watched carefully and tried to mimic the baker's movements."

"But it was harder than he thought and he soon felt tired."

"Even though he was tired, Rueben felt happy because he was learning something new."

"The next day, the baker noticed Rueben's attempts and smiled thoughtfully."

"He decided to help Rueben and taught him how to become a sourdough."

"With the baker's help, Rueben fought his fatigue and kept practicing."

"Finally, Rueben was ready to be baked into a sourdough."

"Rueben was placed in the oven and he felt the heat around him."

"He was scared but he knew he had to go through this to become a sourdough."

"After what felt like a long time, the oven door opened and Rueben was taken out."

"He had turned into a beautiful loaf of sourdough, just as he had always wanted."

"The baker was proud of Rueben and displayed him in the shop window."

"Customers thought Rueben was the most delicious-looking sourdough they had ever seen."

"Rueben was bought by a nice family who enjoyed his taste very much."

"Rueben was happy knowing he brought joy to people through his taste, just like the baker."

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