Ivan the Lion's Island Adventure

You are working on words with 8. Long Vowel Teams | ie, igh /ī/
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"On a bright day, Ivan the lion was resting in his cabin."

"He had a slight headache from the night before."

"Ivan looked out the window and saw the sunlight reflecting off the ocean."

"He thought, a walk might help clear my head."

"He put on his tie and left his cabin."

"His cabin was located on a high hill overlooking the island."

"As Ivan walked, he noticed the beautiful sights around him."

"He saw a bird in flight above him and smiled."

"Ivan decided to lie down under a tree and rest."

"From his spot, he had a great sight of the island."

"As the day passed, the light began to fade."

"He decided to head back to his cabin for the night."

"Back in his cabin, Ivan made a pie for dinner."

"He enjoyed the pie under the soft light of a lamp."

"Before going to bed, Ivan looked out the window once more."

"He loved the sight of the island at night."

"Ivan tucked himself into bed, ready for a good night's sleep."

"He knew he would have another bright day tomorrow."

"In the silence of the night, Ivan fell asleep."

"And the island lay silent, under the bright moonlight."

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