Oliver the Owl's Brave Adventure

You are working on words with 12. Suffixes and Prefixes | -er/-est
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"Oliver, the owl, was the smartest in the forest."

"He loved to explore the jungle during the day."

"But at night, he was the quietest, preferring to stay in his cozy tree hollow."

"One sunny morning, Oliver decided to go on an adventure."

"He flew higher and higher, leaving the forest behind."

"But as he got higher, it got colder and Oliver decided to descend."

"He landed near a river, the water was clearer than anything he had seen before."

"He saw a frog and thought, 'I can be braver,' and decided to approach it."

"After a quick chat, he realized the frog was friendlier than he thought."

"On his way back, Oliver took the longest route, wanting to see more of the world."

"But he soon grew tired and hungry and decided to return home."

"He was glad to reach his tree hollow, it was the softest and warmest place he knew."

"From that day on, Oliver was no longer just the smartest, but also the bravest owl in the forest."

"He still loved his quiet nights but was always ready for a new adventure."

"His life was simpler, but filled with excitement and joy."

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