Lightning: The Brave Knight of the Sky Castle

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"Lightning, the brave knight, lived in a castle high up in the sky," said Kylie.

"Every day, she would climb to the tallest tower to watch over the world below."

"She was known throughout the land for her courage and kindness."

"One day, a storm rolled in, covering the world in dark clouds," Kylie continued.

"Lightning knew she had to protect her home, so she put on her armor and grabbed her sword."

"Then, she knelt and said a quiet prayer before stepping into the storm."

"With every flash of lightning, she fought off the storm, her sword swinging through the rain," Kylie said.

"Her actions were not wrong, they were brave and showed her strength."

"Finally, the storm began to fade, and the sky began to clear."

"Lightning wrapped her cloak around her and looked out at the calm world below," Kylie continued.

"She had a knack for keeping her home safe, and she proved it once again."

"And so, Lightning, the brave knight, continued to watch over the world from her castle in the sky."

"As Kylie finished her story, she looked out her own window at the night sky," she said.

"Who knows, maybe there really is a brave knight out there, watching over us."

"Goodnight, Lightning," she whispered, before climbing into bed."

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