Bree's Adventure: The Red Bead and the Tree

You are working on words with 8. Long Vowel Teams | ee, ea, ey /ē/
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"Bree the monkey blinked her eyes and looked at the tree."

"She could see a shiny red bead stuck in the bark of the tree."

"It seemed like a prize for Bree, she decided to seek it."

"She took a leap, reaching out to grab the bead from the tree."

"Her tiny feet landed on the tree's peak."

"She felt happy, like she had won a prize."

"Bree held the bead and looked at it with glee."

"She decided to keep the bead as a memory of her fun day."

"Bree placed the bead in her secret spot and went to sleep."

"Her day ended with a happy deed, a bead from her favorite tree."

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