Joyce the Lime: A Dance of Joy

You are working on words with 4. VCe | _ce /s/
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"Joyce, the lime, sat in the shrub."

"She had a nice smile on her face."

"But she felt a bit out of place."

"She had a wish to join the race."

"But she was stuck, she could not roll at a fast pace."

"Joyce was sad, she missed her chance."

"A kind ant came by, with a glance."

"He said, 'Joyce, do not lose hope, let's dance.'"

"With that, Joyce felt a new wave of grace."

"She rolled out of the shrub and found her space."

"She did not win the race, but she was in a good place."

"And since then, Joyce was the star of the dance."

"She was proud, she took the chance."

"Joyce, the lime, was no more out of place."

"She had found joy, she had found her space."

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