Annabelle's Pumpkin Patch Adventure

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"Annabelle was a lovable elephant from the savanna."

"She was always visible from afar because of her size."

"Her skin was rough but comfortable to her, like an old jacket."

"Annabelle had an unbeatable love for munching on pumpkin."

"One day, she found a pumpkin patch that was accessible to her."

"She spent her day there, eating until she felt full."

"The pumpkin was delicious, it tasted edible and sweet."

"When nightfall came, Annabelle was still in the pumpkin patch."

"She realized she was distractable and had forgotten the time."

"Annabelle decided to stay in the pumpkin patch for the night."

"She was a flexible elephant and could sleep anywhere."

"Annabelle woke up feeling refreshed, ready for another day in the savanna."

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