Jim the Wolf's Forest Adventure

You are working on words with 8. Long Vowel Teams | oa, ow, oe /ō/
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"Jim the wolf put on his red coat."

"He loved to roam the forest."

"His goal was to find the best spot to rest."

He found a cozy oak tree.

"Jim had a loaf of bread in his bag."

"He enjoyed his meal, then took a nap."

"When he woke, he found a boat floating on the nearby river."

"Jim decided to row the boat."

"He rowed the boat along the river."

"After a while, he saw a rainbow in the sky."

"Jim's coat got wet, but he didn't groan."

He was having too much fun!

"Jim rowed back to the coast."

"He dried his coat and went back to the oak tree."

"Jim decided to make a fire to warm up."

"He used some oak wood and saw it glow."

"Jim looked at the stars and let out a low howl."

"He felt happy in the forest."

Jim the wolf had a big day.

"He looked forward to more adventures tomorrow."

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