Rowan's Coin: An Owl's Journey to a Flower Garden

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"Rowan the owl lived in an old tower."

"Every night, she would hoot and look at the moon."

"One day, Rowan found a shiny coin on the ground."

"She picked it up with her beak, feeling glad."

"Rowan decided to buy some seeds with her new coin."

"The shop keeper wrapped the seeds in a small bag for her."

"Back at the tower, Rowan decided to plant the seeds."

"She worked hard, digging in the soil until the seeds were all planted."

"She watered the seeds every day, waiting for them to grow."

"After a few weeks, beautiful flowers began to bloom."

"Rowan felt proud of her flower garden."

"She realized that with hard work and patience, she could create something beautiful."

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