Rue the Emu's Big Adventure at the Zoo

You are working on words with 9. Other Vowel Teams | ew, ui, ue /ū/
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"Rue, the emu, lived in a zoo."

"She loved to chew on her favorite fruit, the grapefruit."

"Every Tuesday, she was given a new fruit to try."

"One day, Rue saw a crew working on a new exhibit."

"She watched as they drew blueprints and set the foundation."

"Rue was curious and wanted to pursue a closer view."

"Rue flew over the fence to get a closer look."

"She landed on a box and got a bruise."

"But Rue didn't mind, she was happy to have had a new adventure."

"The next day, Rue was back in her own area, enjoying her grapefruit."

"She wore a bandage on her bruise and had a story to tell."

"Rue learned that it's always good to pursue new things, but also to take care."

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