Esther the Tiger: The Fastest and Friendliest in the Jungle

You are working on words with 12. Suffixes and Prefixes | -er/-est
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"Esther, the tiger, lived in the jungle. It was her home, and she was the fastest there. No one could catch her when she ran."

"One day, Esther saw a strange animal. It was smaller than her and had bright feathers. Esther thought it was the brightest thing she'd ever seen."

"The bird was not afraid of Esther. It sang a beautiful song, the sweetest Esther had ever heard. She decided to be its friend."

"Every day, Esther and the bird would play. They would run and sing, having the best time. Esther was happier, and the jungle seemed brighter."

"Esther learned something important. It was nicer to have a friend than to be the fastest. In the jungle, she and the bird were the happiest."

"From then on, Esther wasn't just the fastest. She was also the friendliest tiger in the jungle. And that made her the happiest too."

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